Start: 9AM GMT, December 1st
End: 9PM GMT, December 27th

Support any Charity of your choice with a Bitcoin Donation till latest 27. December. Among all contributors, six winners will be drawn on December 28th, receiving Bitcoin gifts as shown below. Winners will be announced on Twitter.

Charities that hold Bitcoin instand of swaping to Fiat are marked with a sign “holds Bitcoin” on the Charity Page.


1. Choose a Charity here and click on “Donate”.

2. Choose Bitcoin or Bitcoin Lightning.

3. Enter contact information, so we can contact you in case you win a BTC Gift.

4. Enter amount and do the Transaction with your wallet.

Trace your donation on our Transparency Page. Winners will be announced on 28th December on Twitter.

Every donation, regardless of its size, counts as one ticket for the Bitcoin Gifts raffle.

Following supporters made this campaign possible. Thank you!

What you can win