Donate Crypto to a Charity via Crypdonate and automatically enter the LTOAD NFT Giveaway!

Duration: 12th November 1 PM GMT – 19th November 1 PM GMT

Winners got drawn: https://polygonscan.com/address/0x55e12C476Bacabc16567c3aA9CA4489D90690013

Among all contributors, three winners will be drawn on November 19th, receiving a unique LTOAD NFT. The NFT winners will be determined using Chainlink VRF – Verifiable Random Function, ensuring the raffle is 100% trustworthy and decentralized. Winners will be announced on Twitter.

randomness secured with chainlink

LTOAD is the inaugural LINK ecosystem NFT project developed by the LINK community. DAO structured, utility focused. Educational based community project, helping the Chainlink eco. Read more about LTOAD here.

About Crypdonate
Crypdonate is a Crypto Charity Platform operating as a non-profit, taking zero commissions from donations, and provides full transparency in donation flow. Crypdonate exclusively supports vetted and trusted charities. Read more about Crypdonate here.

Win these NFTs


Duration: 12th November 1 PM GMT – 19th November 1 PM GMT

– Choose a Charity here and click on “Donate”.

– Select any cryptocurrency like LINK, ETH, USDC, and many more, exclusively from the following networks: Ethereum, Arbitrum, BNB Smartchain, Polygon, Avalanche and Optimism.

– Enter amount and do the Transaction with your wallet.

Consider: Your chances of winning an NFT grow with the donated amount.

Winners will be announced on 19th November on Twitter. All donations are traceable on our Transparency Page.

CAUTION, please read before donating:

– Donate using a wallet that can receive and manage an NFT. Do NOT donate from an exchange!

– Donate exclusively using the following networks: Ethereum, Arbitrum, BNB Smartchain BEP20, Polygon, Avalance, Optimism.

– Providing an email address or Twitter handle during the donation process, is recommended but not mandatory.