We started CrypDonate, cause it´s the first crypto-donation-platform that meets the following three principles:
1.  working 100% non-profit
2.  donations are transparently traceable
3.  founded by a democratic association, based on volunteer work

In 2021 over 70 Million USD were donated to Charities via cryptocurrencies, crypto-donations are on the rise! But many crypto-donations to charities lose a significant percentage from donor to receiver due to fees and commissions set by crypto-donation-platforms. CrypDonate does not take any commission from donations for itself, to ensure donations reach the charities with the lowest possible loss of value. Only an unavoidable exchange fee will be deducted by our exchange partner.

We want to provide Crypto Holders a platform, where they can transfer crypto donations in the most easiest and secure way possible. We focus exclusively on small and transparent Charities that have very low expenses for administrative purposes, so Donors can be sure their donation arrives where it is supposed to.

Many Charities don’t have the possibility to receive crypto-donations, that´s why we want to help them. We provide our Charties a very simple integration, which for they dont have to pay any set up fees, the CrypDonate integration comes for free.