Donations to this Charity are (currently) not possible

The Aum Pranava Ashram, located in Tamil Nadu, India, provides a warm home to neglected/orphaned children from economically challenging social strata.

The children are provided with all the necessities of life and grow up under the loving care of the founders and other caretakers, who help the children to look after their daily routine and help them with their studies. Utmost effort is made towards the sense of a real home, keeping the atmosphere family-oriented and natural. The ashram accommodates boys and girls in separate buildings within the ashram premises. Children attend schools in Ilanji and in Sengottai, which is about 6 to 8 kms away from our place.

In addition to child care, elders who were abandoned or who have no financial or social support, are protected and provided with accommodation, food, clothes and medical care.
The following things and facilities are absolutely free of cost:

  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Clothing
  • School Education (including transport) and all things related to school life
  • Medical Care (mainly homoeopathic remedies or ayurvedic tonics are used as medicines and for boosting their immunity)
  • Excursions and trips to various cultural places during holidays

    The list mentioned above must necessarily be in-exhaustive because we cannot list all the services which the Aum Pranava Ashram renders to the children, like for example to merely have them enjoy an expensive cone ice-cream (God thanks, some sponsors donate for this noble cause, too!)

For more Details visit our Website: www.aumpranavashram.org

Donations to this Charity are (currently) not possible