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Sea turtles are fascinating and charismatic animals that serve important ecological functions in our oceans. Poaching, bycatch and the increasing pollution of the oceans with plastic waste are increasingly endangering sea turtles. Around the world, adult animals are still slaughtered for their meat or shell, or their nests completely looted to sell their eggs as an expensive delicacy. As a result, almost all turtle species are threatened with extinction.

The Turtle Foundation opposes this and is specifically committed to their protection. Our work is based on many years of experience in sea turtle conservation with a strong focus on concrete and measurable results. We carry out sea turtle conservation projects in Indonesia (since 2000) and in the Republic of Cape Verde/West Africa (since 2008). Here we protect five (Leatherback Turtle, Green Turtle, Olive Ridley, Hawksbill Turtle and Loggerhead Turtle) of the seven existing sea turtle species on their nesting beaches from poachers and other man-made threats. In Indonesia we are active in Selaut Besar, Sipora, Berau and Banggai. In Cape Verde on Boa Vista.

Our conservation programs have drastically reduced the total number of turtles killed and turtle eggs poached. The nesting beaches are monitored with the help of local rangers and international volunteers, but also with innovative monitoring methods such as the use of drones and species protection dogs.

It costs around € 1.- to give a hatchling a start in life.

For more Details visit our Website: www.turtle-foundation.org

More Videos: youtube/turtle-foundation

Donations to this Charity are (currently) not possible